Lifelong Learning (LLL)

In the last couple of years Lifelong Learning (LLL) has occupied a more central place in the field of education and training. Since the knowledge, skills and competences which are needed in the labor market and in society at large are changing rapidly, it is getting more and more important that everyone has the opportunity to continue education in order to ensure employability throughout one’s working life. In addition, Lifelong Learning should enable individuals at all stages of their lives to pursue stimulating learning opportunities. The scale of current economic and social change, the rapid transition to a knowledge-based society and demographic pressures resulting from an ageing population in Europe are challenges which demand a new approach to education and training, within the framework of Lifelong Learning.

We support higher education institutions in providing Lifelong Learning opportunities, services and research for the personal and professional development and also foster the cooperation with external stakeholders and companies. In this context we also promote the establishment of new learning and teaching techniques such as e-learning and distance learning in order to reach an even wider audience with the Lifelong Learning programs.


NURSLING - National Qualification Frameworks: Guidelines for Development and Recognition of Qualifications

The NURSLING project aims to approach Uzbek higher education to real needs of economic and social development of the country. The specific objectives are the following:

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