The Brain Gain Program

Brain drain is a phenomenon in many developing countries and means the departure of educated or professional people from one country, economic sector, or field for another usually for better pay or living conditions. The Brain Gain Program (BGP) was developed by WUS Austria as a response to the brain drain that emerged in South-Eastern Europe (SEE) especially in the period during and after the war in the 1990ies.The loss of highly skilled and educated people can be at least partly offset by the temporary return of these experts and through the development of networks facilitating knowledge and brain circulation. We support different possibilities for professors, assistants or non-academic experts in relevant fields living abroad to engage in the academic activities of the institutions in their countries of origin: giving guest lectures in the period from one week up to several months; introducing new courses; conducting research activities; providing mentorship as thesis advisor.  


Brain Gain Program +

The system of higher education in South-Eastern European countries (SEE) is mainly influenced by the academic isolation of the past years, the underdeveloped physical infrastructure at the universities, the complicated political structure and the poor economic situation.

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Brain Gain Program

The Brain Gain Program (BGP) is aimed at breaking the academic isolation of the universities, by inviting qualified academics originating from the region to lecture cses, which are not available at the SEE university faculties. These professors, assistant or experts in relevant fields who emigrated from former Yugoslavia are going to be invited to come back to the region to teach as guest lecturers - for several days up to 3 weeks - at faculties/departments in the region.

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