Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance represents a key element of higher education and includes the establishment, implementation, enhancement and monitoring of standards and guidelines. It contributes to the credibility and to the scientific as well as professional value of higher education providers and aims at ensuring delivery of high quality study programs and research activities. Quality Assurance in higher education is however not  only a European concern - there is an increasing interest in quality and standards all over the world, reflecting both the rapid growth of higher education institutions and the consequences of rapid developments in this area for society and the individual. In addition, as the Bologna process has put growing emphasis on the importance of the inclusion of students in the quality assurance of higher education in Europe, the student experience has increasingly become important to decision makers and higher education institutions.


Strategic and Structural Development of Quality Assurance in Bosnian and Herzegovinian Higher Education in 2008 - 2010

The project focuses on furthering the development of quality assurance (QA) in Bosnian and Herzegovinian (BiH) higher education (HE). The project represents the follow up action to previously established QA structures at BiH universities and strenghtening of BiH QA Agency, whose formation is currently underway. 

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From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development

The overall aim of the project is to contribute to a coherent and far-reaching reform of higher education in B&H in accordance with the Bologna Process and with the society and market needs. For this objective to be achieved, universities in B&H need to develop modern, student-oriented strategies, which will pave the path towards the university's long-term goals. However, a “one-for-all” model does not exist. Therefore each university first needs to conduct a thorough analysis, i.e. assessment of its environment, operations, structure, and results so as to be able to customize and develop a progressive strategy in line with its needs and priorities.

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The Role of Stakeholders in Quality Assurance Procedures at BiH Medical Faculties

The overall aim of this project with WUS Austria as a partner is to contribute to the harmonization of medical faculties’ curricula with EU medical education standards in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders, as an inevitable part of the Bologna principles implementation regarding ECTS and curriculum development toward a more competence based education.
Specifically, it is planned to produce an inventory of available knowledge and competencies of medicine graduates. Furthermore, testing procedures of learning outcomes are to be developed for undergraduate medical education in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, a Resonance Committee on medical education is to be established as well as an interuniversity pilot centre for medical training for the introduction of a market oriented approach in medical education reform processes.
All these measures are planned to lead towards more competence based curricula in Bosnian medical education.

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QC@UP - Fostering and Developing the Quality Culture at the University of Prishtina

This project addresses the importance of a ‘Quality Culture’ as a
prerequisite for a functioning and lasting quality assurance system
within the University of Prishtina.

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QA@PHEP - Supporting and Developing the Structures for QA at the Private Higher Education Institutions in Kosova

The main objective of the project is to establish and/or strengthen the Quality Assurance Systems at ten Private Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo. The objectives of the project currently represent  a top priority for Kosovo, more specifically for the Ministry of Education Science and Technology. Strengthening the QA systems at these universities will significantly contribute to improvements in teaching and learning opportunities and administrative processes. Self-assessment procedures, establishing of a QA structure (including personnel), regular activities (e.g. Quality Assurance Day) and awareness raising constitute the core of the project.

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SHEQA - Strategic Management of Higher Education Institutions Based on Integrated Quality Assurance System

The overall aim of the project is that quality assurance becomes recognized as an instrument in strategic development of institutions and as a means of cooperation with the Agency for Higher Education and Quality Assurance and authorized ministries.
The Consortium is composed of 8 public universities in BiH, 4 EU universities, WUS Austria, Agency for Higher Education and Quality Assurance, ministries of education of Republika Srpska, West Herzegovina canton, Zenica-Doboj canton and Sarajevo canton.
After evaluation of the state in the area of KPI (key performance indicators) development in EU, a set of common KPIs will be developed for B&H Universities, as well as the system of their monitoring. The University staff will be trained for monitoring KPI and management of the Universities for using KPI in strategic governing of the University. After analysis of information which each University must have at its disposal in accordance to ESG, a register of study programmes will be developed and together with defined KPI it will enable receiving information necessary for strategic management of the University, accreditation, evaluation, planning and development of higher education. The main outcomes of this project are:
1. Development of of set common KPI for BH Universities
2. Development of the system for monitoring of KPI  at B&H Universities
3. Improvement of cooperation with the Agency for higher education and quality assurance and authorized ministries of education
4.Capacity building of  Universities in B&H
5. Support for strategic management of HEI in B&H  
7. Sustainability
8. Quality control and monitoring
9.Project management

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ESABIH - European Union Standards for Accreditation of Study Programmes at BiH Universities

The main objective of the project is the introduction of European standards in
evaluation and accreditation procedures to study programs at BiH

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EQADE - Embedding Quality Assurance in Doctoral Education

In an attempt to
bridge the gap between the current state of affairs in BiH higher education and
research and European good practice, the project EQADE is primarily targeted at
installing more effective QA structures in designing and offering doctoral
programs at all public universities in BiH. The project specifically focuses on
quality management and administration of doctoral education at the level of
universities and development of consistent quality standards in doctoral
education on a university-wide basis and on the level of BiH.

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QA@UPPZ - Strategic Support for the development of Sustainable QA Structures at the Newly Public Founded University in Kosova, University of Prizren

The Joint Tempus Project "Strategic support for the development of sustainable Quality Assurance (QA) structures at the newly public founded university in Kosova, University of Prizren" has the aim to provide strategic support to setting-up a framework for QA at all university levels. Furthermore, the  project aims at supporting the UPPZ in adapting and implementing Standards and Guidelines for QA in the EHEA and on achieving the objectives of the Bologna process, Strategy of Higher Education in Kosovo for the period 2005-2015, Kosova Education Strategic Plan 2011-2016, Europe 2020 Strategy, as well as the Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in education and training.

The project consist of the following specific MAIN specific objectives:

1.To develop a QA Strategy in line with the Standards and Guidelines for QA in the EHEA. The intention is to create a sustainable QA system for UPPZ, including formal standards, policies, procedures and other necessary mechanisms for quality self assessment which are in full accordance with the standards of ENQA report on Standards and Guidelines for QA in the EHEA and Bologna Declaration. The developed Strategy will become an integral part of UPPZ and will be used as a main framework document for creating a sustainable quality culture.

2. To provide capacity and institution building through establishing a QA office, IRO & SSS and development of training modules for teaching and administrative staff of UPPZ which reflects ENQA standards and are in line with Bologna Declaration. The UPPZ staff will have the opportunity to conduct study visits at partner institutions with aim of getting best practices in regard to QA.

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QUAEM - Development of Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Moldova

order to further develop quality assurance at universities in Moldova as well
as to improve the university management and services for teachers and students,
the project at hand is to undertake activities on strengthening of QA offices
at involved HEIs, development and building of capacities at the target HEIs and
wider academic community, as well as to provide support to competent national
bodies via know-how transfer from EU partner HEIs, development of necessary
documents, conducting of evaluation and accreditation of study programs.

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