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B&H eLearning "eLearning Program - eContent Program (eCP)

Target area: Higher Education Development
Sub-target area: New Teaching Methods and Technologies
Target countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Target groups:
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Project Description

The eLearning program, implemented by WUS Austria from 2002 to 2005 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has resulted in a wider promotion of eLearning among BH academic community.

eContent Program (eCP) 2006-2007 was a an evolutionary merging of eLearning Program and CDP+, with the aim to introduce creation and use of digital educational content, transforming suitable CDP+ processed courses or their parts into online educational content, as the supplementary educational tool. Projects aimed to train eContent developers in order to support the sustainability of eLearning centers, to make use of eLearning infrastructure and recommendations built in previous years at B&H universities. Above all the aim was to further promote the general and specific aspects of eLearning within the university staff and students' community.

The eContent Project undergone two main phases:

  • Support to the development of eLearning process at academic environments, through consulting and technical support to university staff and students.
  • Support to the wider development of eLearning or rather eContent by assisting eCP applicants to transform their course into on-line eContent.

After successfully completing a series of training ''Train the eContent Developers'', WUS Austria Sarajevo Office announced the Call for Applications for the development of individual eContent Courses open.

All eContent grantees received high quality consulting services in eContent development by University eContent developers who had been trained by regional and international experts in this field.

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