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B&H eLearning - "Fine Tuning"

Target area: Higher Education Development
Sub-target area: New Teaching Methods and Technologies
Target countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Target groups:
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Project Description

After first attempts of PHARE program to initiate eLearning in B&H and several quiet years after 1998, WUS Austria's initiative through the Distance Learning Programme in 2002 and 2003 showed results in raised awareness of the need for introduction of eLearning systems in B&H educational process, as a supportive tool to traditional education. The universities have built up the necessary infrastructure, Learning Management Systems (software platforms), developed several pilot courses and trained key players in their local environment. This year too the focus should be kept on distance learning in a sense to maintain already taken steps.

Most importantly the universities recognized the need for a common approach to issues regarding the introduction of eLearning, which was officially declared through a set of B&H eLearning Task Force Recommendations , covering a wide range of activities that are important for the creation of a collaborative environment among B&H universities, as well as between B&H academic eCommunity and universities world wide.

The Programme titled as B&H eLearning - "Fine Tuning" has the aim to bring these recommendations into daylight of B&H universities, to promote them by showing practical aspects of eLearning in university education and lifelong learning.

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