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CONFERENCE „Quality Assurance Systems at B-H Universities“, Sarajevo, April 03-04, 2008

Sarajevo. Our Conference „Quality Assurance Systems at B-H Universities“ was successfully held on April 03-04, 2008, at Hotel Saraj in Sarajevo. This Conference was foreseen as one of the last activities within WUS Austria's two-year project „Structural Development of Quality Assurance in Higher Education“, financed by Liechtenstein Government and Austrian Development Cooperation.

The main purpose of the Conference was to summerize and evaluate all the initiatives undertaken, by various stakeholders, during the last two years in the field of quality assurance development in B-H higher education. Consequently, presentations were delivered by a number of representatives from BH university institutions, international and local NGOs and institutions.

The Conference was officially opened by His Excellency, Dr. Werner Almhofer, the Austrian Ambassador to B-H, who welcomed all the participants and wished them fruitful discussions and a successful conference.
During a two-day plenary session, the following presentations were delivered:

  1. Establishing QA Centers -  TEMPUS project Strengthening Quality Assurance at BH Universities, Lejla Sahačić, Project Coordinator SUS BiH
  2. WUS Austria support to development of quality assurance at B&H Universities, Nina Kovač, Project  Manager WUS Austria
  3. Projects and activities of Council of Europe, Nedim Vrabac, Project Officer Council of Europe
  4. The role of stakeholders in QA Procedures at BH Medical faculties, dr. Semra Čavaljuga and dr. Maida Rakanović-Todić, Medical faculty University of Sarajevo
  5. Curriculum and teaching modifications at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, University of Sarajevo, dr. Aida Hodžić, Veterinary faculty, University of Sarajevo
  6. Program quality assurance through accreditation in B&H, dr. Samra Mujačić, Centar for distance learning, University of Tuzla
  7. Achievements in the field of quality assurance and assumptions for its establishment, Nenad Marković, QA coordinator, University of East Sarajevo
  8. Achievements in the field of quality assurance and assumptions for its establishment, Miroslav Dragić, QA coordinator, University of Banja Luka
  9. Activities of QA Office at University „Džemal Bijediuć“ in Mostar, Alim Abazović, QA coordinator, University „Džemal Bijedić“ in Mostar
  10. Yesterday, today and tomorrow: Establishment of QA at University of Zenica, prof. dr. Darko Petković, Vicerector for science and development and mr. Ibrahim Plančić, QA coordinator, University of Zenica
  11. Quality Assurance at University of Bihać, dr. Halid Makić, University of Bihać
  12. Quality Assurance at  Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, through accreditation of student programs, prof. dr. Adnan Salihbegović and mr. Dušanka Bošković, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo
  13. Quality management in higher education area-overview of projects, Nenad Marković, QA coordinator, University of East Sarajevo
  14. QA-BiH: Past achievements and future challenges, mr. Oliver Vettori, Head of Unit for Quality Management and Promotion, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
  15. External EU expert overview of QA system development in B&H higher education – Monitoring of Tempus project “Strengthening Quality Assurance at Universities in B&H”, mr. Bernadette Frech, International management, Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Graz
  16. Cooperation between Universities and Industry as an way for external stakeholders to influence the creating, development and advancement of quality system and curricula, Alim Abazović, QA coordinator, University „Džemal Bijedić“ in Mostar

More than 60 representatives from B-H universities, NGOs, international institutions and ministries took part in the Conference.

As is usual WUS Austria practice, all the participants were kindly asked to answer a WUS Austria questionnaire and in such a way share their views on the conference content and organization, as well as on the development of quality assurance in B-H. The questionnaire results are very interesting (and promising), especially when compared to questionnaire results of the conference held two years ago, in January 2006, on THE SAME TOPIC. These results clearly indicate that much progress has been achieved in development of quality assurance and raised awareness levels in B-H academic community.

The Conference also raised interest among the wider media community, of which the following were present at the event:

  • TV stations: TV Hayat, SRNA, Federal TV, BHT1, PINK BiH
  • News agancy: FENA, SRNA
  • Daily press: Dnevni Avaz, Oslobođenje
In the following period, WUS Austria will wrap up activities within abovementioned Project and publish the results and outcomes in a Final Report, which will be available online and in WUS Austria Sarajevo Office.