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Workshop „Migration for development“

Researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Austria, Norway, USA and UK participated in a two day scientific workshop which tackled the question of using migration process and diaspora for country development. Among almost 70 participants of the conference, besides the researchers, there were also representatives of relevant institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina (state and local level), embassies, international organizations, academic, non-government sector. The opening statements were made by the assistant Minister for Human Rights and Refugees, Ms. Ruzmira Tihic-Kadric, director of the Swiss Office for Cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Joseph Guntern and the deputy of the representative  of UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Zahira Virani. The workshop was moderated by Dr. Mirza Emirhafizovic from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo.

After a two day workshop during which 11 research papers were presented it was concluded that further research in the area of migration and development is required, as well as development of relevant policies regarding the dispora and continuous strengthening of the regional cooperation.

The workshop was divided in two thematic panels: “Real and potential effects of migrations on the economic development of country of origin: case studies” and “Human Capital outside of homeland   - possibilities to attract / circulate/ return of experts from abroad”. Within the second panel WUS Austria presented its findings from the impact analysis of the Brain Gain Program +, which were summerised in the paper “The impact of the temporary returns of highly skilled migrants from the Western Balkans - the case of the “Brain Gain Program”. Most papers presented at this workshop will be included in a publication which it to come out by the end of the year.

For more information : (in Bosnian).