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INARM: project meeting in Nizhny Novgorod/Zhdanovets

Nizhny Novgorod/ Zhdanovets. the members of the project INARM- Informatics and Management: Bologna-Style Qualifications Frameworks met in Russia to discuss the ongoing development of Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks in the fields of Informatics and Management. 

Under the  title "Harmonization of methodologies and tools for the creation and application of sectoral qualification frameworks" the meeting was opened at the State Technical University n.a.E.E. Alekseev in Nizhny Novgorod and continued outside the city a few kilometres away in Zhdanovets.

The meetings covered inter alia the following topics:

  • Student centred approach and Learning Outcomes
  • Bologna process and qualification framework: the role of the university press
  • The project SQF in "Management"
  • Logic circuit construction QF in the field of "Informatics"
  • Application of the methodology for the QF for a limited group of labor functions in the field of IT
  • Actualization of QF based on a dialogue with stakeholders


The meeting was also used to discuss further steps in the project and included a short session on internal quality assurance.


For further information about the project click here.