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“Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures”

Sarajevo. "Sarejevo meeting of cultures" was launched on 6.March 2014 and is a  project which promotes the city of Sarajevo and BiH as a space where tolerance, peace and different cultures meet. The project is implemented by the NGO Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures which has the aim to promote this new tourist attraction – a location that will present the historical and cultural background of Sarajevo. The location is near the Gazi Husrev-bey’s bezistan, where the NGO will set a sign/stamp that will be a starting point for tourist tours in the future.

From that point visitors will be able to see the meeting of different cultures in one city. Geographically (according to the cardinal directions) from the east it portrays the Ottoman city market, and from the west the contemporary western culture. The project itself also represents a brand of our future activities in efforts to promote Sarajevo as a city of multiculturalism and openness.

The project initiator Dino Mujkić emphasizes that the project marks a space of peace, coexistence and tolerance.

We are close to the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War and we want to send the message that Sarajevo is something older and much more valuable than war. Through the project we want to say that over the more than five centuries Sarajevo is the city adorned by the coexistance, tolerance and richess of diversity, says Mujkić.

NGO Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures will continue with activities and projects which will promote Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This project was supported by the World University Service (WUS) Austria, as well as Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, Neon Heart, EuroplakatBH, Municipality Stari Grad, Kontakt Media, Oxygen, Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Citz of Sarajevo, Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rahatlook , i Optics Baroš.