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Experiencing Europe - Serbian Young Professionals in Austria – Zoran Djindjic Internship Programme

Experiencing Europe invites top students and young academics from Serbia to gain professional experience in Austria.

The project, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation and Cooperation with Eastern Europe (ADC) together with the Zoran Djindjic Fund, seeks to foster Serbia’s integration into Europe. By giving gifted young individuals the chance to live and work in Austria, the project not only aims at improving the participants’ chances to find rewarding and fulfilling jobs; it also tries to raise awareness and understanding in Serbia of the overall chances and challenges of European integration.

Experiencing Europe is a project which is intended as abridge that will connect our two countries, says Ruzica Djindjic, the president of Zoran Djindjic Fond.
Zoran Djindjic Fond:

The project is implemented by World University Service (WUS) Austria, a long-time partner of ADC, which also takes care of the participants during their stay in Austria.

Following an intensive language course and training programme in Graz, the participants spend three months in Austrian enterprises or institutions, where they can gain experience and build useful contacts for their future.

For Austrian enterprises and institutions, Experiencing Europe offers the possibility of working with young top-talents from Serbia and thus building up their networks in a country with promising opportunities.

Austrian enterprises/institutions
Do you want to offer students and young academics from Serbia a three-month internship in your company and learn more about Serbia’s potential as part of the European economic area?

Young Professionals

Are you interested in learning German or upgrading your German language skills? Would you like to update yourself in matters of European integration? Are you interested in gaining working experience in Austrian companies and public institutions?

The official project homepage is