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Guidelines on Gender Fair Curriculum Development available in English and Albanian

The Guidelines on Gender Fair Curriculum Development, which were published in English in January this year, are now also available in Albanian. 

It's all about fairness

The Austrian scientist Dr. Barbara Hey, MBA - researching and teaching about gender equality at the University of Graz  - has developed a comprehensive guideline on gender fair curriculum development.

Why gender fair curricula? - Apart from fairness... what is the purpose of this?

  • Expand access to higher education and consequently the participation in relevant knowledge and labour markets
  •  Improve competitiveness through increased number of citizens with higher education degrees
  • Exploit the full potential of society of - both female and male - talents, creativity and innovativeness
  • Improve the outcome quality of research and teaching by identifying and fostering talents without prejudices, as well as excluding subject-irrelevant criteria (e.g. gender bias)
  • Promote innovativeness through diversity (for an explanation of and information on the benefits of diversity please refer to the Supplement)


In this way, efficient improvement of equal opportunities expands the future potentials of society as a whole. Apart from that, equal opportunities are indispensable in the sense of compliance with supranational standards. Especially in the educational domain, appropriate measures often facilitate access to international funding.  


You can download the Guidelines in  English and Albanian here.