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Workshop on IT support in teaching and presentation skills within Quality Assurance project at the University of Montenegro

Podgorica. The workshop on IT support in teaching and presentation skills was held within the Quality Assurance Projection 23 April 2010.  This was the second out of three planned workshops on methods and techniques of teaching. The workshop was led by Professor Karl Kaser from the Centre for Southeast European History of the University of Graz.

The seminar was intended to be practice oriented so each participant had shown great interest and involvement. Professor Kaser had two sessions of lectures which were followed-up by practical work. First lecture was related to Power Point presentations - how, where and in which way they can be used, and the other part of the seminar was dedicated to Moodle programme - a Course Management System also known as Learning Management System or a Virtual Learning Environment.

When speaking of Power Point use Professor Kaser mostly focused on its use in lectures. A Power Point presentation has to be built one slide at a time. The focus of this segment was on how to make a power point presentation interesting, effective and memorable. After the introductory part on Power Point, the practical work followed where participants posed questions to Prof. Kaser and where they were actively engaged in practical session.

During the second session while speaking of Moodle, Profesor Kaser stated that it has many features typical ofan e-learning platform, plus some original innovations (like its filtering system), and that Moodle can be used in many types of environments such as in education, training and development, and business settings. He stressed that learners (and not just teachers) can contribute to the educational experience through Moodle. This segment of the seminar was also followed up by practical work of the participants and their questions related to this programme.

The participants of the workshop were vice deans for teaching and members of the Quality Assurance team of the University of Montenegro.

Agenda of the seminar is available here.

Evaluation results can be downloaded here.