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New projects selected from the 3rd call for the Course Development Program Plus-(CDP+)

Prishtina. On Thursday, February 16, 2010, a ‘Selection Panel’ for Curriculum Development Program Plus (CDP+) was held in the WUS Austria, Office in Prishtina. CDP+ is being implemented within WUS Austria’s program: “Building Quality, Knowledge and Skills for Social and Economic Development, Support to Reforms of Higher Education 2008-2011”

The goal of CDP+ is to support the course development at the University of Prishtina, with regard to it’s integration into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), by the provision of means for the introduction and/or improvement of new developed courses.

Among 11 CDP+ applications that were received on the Third call, the Selection Panel composed by representatives from: Ministry of Education Science and Technology of Kosova, University of Prishtina, Austrian Development cooperation and the WUS-Austria-Office in Prishtina, decided to support the following 8 projects:  

  1. CDP+ Project no.: 01/10, “Constitutional Judiciary”, lectured by: Prof. Dr. Visar Morina from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Law – Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law.

  2. CDP+ Project no.: 02/10, “Action Research”, lectured by: Dr. Sc. Eda Vula from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Education – Department of Primary Education.  
  3. CDP+ Project no.: 03/10, “Applied Ecology”, lectured by: Dr. Sc. Behxhet Mustafa and Msc. Avni Hajdari, from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences – Department of Biology.

  4. CDP+ Project no.: 04/10, “Thermal Machines”, lectured by: Prof. Rexhep Selimaj from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Department of Termoenergetics and Termotecnics.

  5. CDP+ Project no.: 05/10, “Methodic of Turkish Language and Literature”, lectured by: Prof. Ass. Dr. Suzana Canhasi from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Philology – Department of Turkish Language and Literature.

  6. CDP+ Project no.: 06/10, “Water and wastewater treatment technology”, lectured by: Msc. Figene Ahmedi from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Civil Engineering  - Department of Hydrotechnic.

  7. CDP+ Project no.: 07/10, “Electronic Business”, lectured by: Prof. Mihane Berisha-Nimani from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Economics – Department of Management and Informatics.

  8. CDP+ Project no.: 08/10, “Polymer Materials”, lectured by: Prof. Dr. Naser Kabashifrom University of Prishtina, Faculty of Engineering – Department of Materials and Constructions.

Final decisions were based on results of pre-selection procedures which included: technical course assessment, peer review evaluation, and pre-monitoring meetings.

All the supported projects will be financed in cooperation with the University of Prishtina.