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Selection Panel for Specific QA Measures held

Sarajevo. On Monday, December 7th 2009, a Selection Committee meeting for Implementation of Specific QA Measures at BH Universities was held at WUS Austria Sarajevo Office. Projects for Implementation of Specific QA Measures at BH Universities are being implemented as a second component within WUS Austria’s project “Strategic and Structural Development of Quality Assurance in BH Higher Education 2008-2010”, which is financed by Austrian Development Cooperation and Liechtenstein Government.

Within the second component and on the basis of an open call for proposals, BH universities were given the opportunity to individually apply for grants (in the maximum amount of 45.000,00 EUR) in line with the published criteria and selection procedures, and, hence, implement specific measures adapted to their needs and priorities.

WUS Austria’s long standing tradition is to invite Secretary Generals from all 8 BH public universities, as well as representatives of the Austrian Development Cooperation, to take part in the Selection Panel. The Selection Committee meeting was attended by:

  • Amira Omanovic (Austrian Coordination Office)
  • Dusanka Dragic (Secretary General, University of Banja Luka)
  • Zoran Kazazic (Secretary General,  University Džemal Bijedić in Mostar)
  • Jasmina Berbic (Secretary General, University of Tuzla)
  • Zoran Seleskovic (Secretary General, University of Sarajevo)
  • Dino Mujkic (WUS Austria Regional Manager for B&H)
  • Nina Kovac (WUS Austria Project Manager)
  • Selma Emirhafizovic (WUS Austria Project Assistant)

Final decisions were based on results of selection procedures which included: MUST criteria fulfillment, technical assessment, EU expert evaluations and pre-monitoring meetings. Out of 4 received applications, the following ones were approved:

1. Project number: QA_02/MO-ZE/09

  • Applicant university/ies: University of Mostar and University of Zenica
  • Project title: Development of information system for quality assurance – DISQA
  • Requested budget: 69,158.00 EUR
  • Co-financing amount: 37,274.00 EUR 

2. Project number: QA_03/IS-BL/09

  • Applicant university/ies: University of East Sarajevo and University of Banja Luka
  • Project title: Establishing of Quality Assurance System Auditing Practice at the University of East Sarajevo and University of Banja Luka – QASAP
  • Requested budget: 49,228.30 EUR
  • Co-financing amount: 26,722.92 

The following application was conditionally approved:

3. Project number: QA_04/TZ-DzB/09

  • Applicant university/ies: University of Tuzla and University “Dzemal Bijedic“ of Mostar
  • Project title: Information System for Support of Internal Quality Assurance at the Universities of  Tuzla and “Dzemal Bijedic“ of Mostar – QA InfoSys
  • Requested budget: 68,250.00 EUR
  • Co-financing amount: 36,750.00 EUR

We use the opportunity to congratulate all the grantees and wish them successful project implementation!