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Internet algebra – The WUS homepage in numbers

Graz. In March 2009 the brand new WUS Austria homepage was launched. Since then it has become the number one information platform for our activities. As the end of the year approaches it’s time to take a look at its impact factor.

Thanks to the statistical tool “Google Analytics” it’s easy to track down these numbers. With the help of this instrument we are able to check how many people visited the WUS Austria webpage since March 2009 until now. It was a staggering number of over 14.000, with over 50 % of new visits. As you can see in the diagram on the right the average number of visitors is around 500 people per month. The number of overall hits in the above mentioned time span is a little bit over 26.000, most of them targeted the subpage “all ongoing projects” (3618 hits) and the page “staff overview” (3547 hits).
Besides that we can also identify the origins of these hits in terms of country and/or region. With over 4.400 the largest number of hits originated from Austria followed by Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All in all it becomes clear that most hits of the WUS webpage come – not very surprisingly - from countries of South East Europe.

That’s it for the numbers. We hope you will enjoy reading news and gathering information from our homepage in the future as well as you obviously did in the past. Until then we thank you for your interest in our activities and stay tuned, for more information about WUS Austria are to come.