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Evaluation visit of EC Representatives at the University of Prishtina

Prishtina. Representatives of European Commission for TEMPUS Projects which are implemented at the University of Prishtina (UP) conducted a visit to the UP with the aim of evaluating the Videoconference Room at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Presentation about the role and the importance of Videoconference Room was done by Regional Manager of WUS Austria in Prishtina Mr. But Dedaj. During his presentation, among others, Mr. Dedaj emphasized the role that this Videoconference Room has in establishing the new era for the UP. “This Videoconference Room made possible to the UP staff and students to communicate with different universities worldwide, with the aim of advancing further new learning methods and teaching processes”, said Mr. Dedaj. Furthermore, Mr. Dedaj explained to the representatives of European Commission that “the launch of Videoconference Room plays substantial role for the UP in its rout of being competitive with the contemporary western universities in fulfilling the Bologna Objectives and getting closer to the European Higher Education Area”.

This project is financed through the “eCUP” TEMPUS Project and by the “Austrian Development Cooperation”.

Videoconference Room, even though is located at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engendering, serve all the Faculties of the UP.