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Organization of the training seminar “Developing a Labor Market Oriented Curriculum”

Prishtina. Training seminar organized in Prishtina, at the Videoconference Room in the Faculty of the Electrical and Computer Engineering, of the University of Prishtina during September 25th - 26th, 2009.

“How to develop a labor market oriented curriculum” is one of the questions that this seminar tried to find an answer for the academic staff of the University of Prishtina and especially for the professors involved in four new Master Programs being developed through Master Study Development Program  and financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation.

The Seminar started at 09:30 on September 25th, and the keynote speeches were given by:

  • Prof. Dr. Enver Hoxhaj, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosova
  • Prof. Dr. Mujë Rugova, Rector of the University of Prishtina
  • Mr. Christian Geosits, Austrian Development Cooperation
  • Ms. Nina Taso, Head Office Graz
  • Mr. But Dedaj, WUS Austria Office in Prishtina

This issue seems to be a very important question also for the persons in the highest positions, responsible for managing overall Education System in Kosova. In this regard Prof. Dr. Enver Hoxhaj among others stated that “Ministry is fully committed in helping and supporting the Higher Education, more specifically the University of Prishtina, for creating a labor market oriented curriculum and highly appreciated the organization of the seminar”. He concluded “Recommendations from this seminar will be read with high attention, and the possibility of putting them in and immediate action will be considered”.

Newly appointed Rector of the University of Prishtina, Prof. Dr. Mujë Rugova reconfirmed the commitment of the University of Prishtina on offering qualitative and practice oriented study programs. He welcomed the initiative of such a seminar that is trying to solve one of the biggest actual concerns of the UP. During his speech, Rector acknowledged the Republic of Austria for its contribution to the Republic of Kosova. Moreover, he emphasized the significance of support of the Austrian Development Cooperation to the University of Prishtina given through WUS Austria.

On behalf of the Austrian Development Cooperation, Mr. Christian Geosits, pointed out the commitment of Austrian Development Cooperation to support the University of Prishtina for developing further the education system that contributes on poverty reduction, by fostering the development of labor market oriented curricula. Further, he reconfirmed the importance of paying a high attention on incorporating gender sensitivity into curricula.

At the end of the Opening Session, Ms. Nina Taso from Head Office Graz and But Dedaj from WUS Austria Prishtina welcomed the participants.    

Two-day seminar consisted of lecturing and training part (click here to download the agenda). Topics of the seminar were presented by the following international and national experts:

  1. The framework for higher education and the labor marketProf. Dr. George W. Francis, University of Bergen, Norway
  2. Labor market oriented curricula - Bernadette Frech, “FH Joanneum” University of Applied Sciences, Graz-Austria
  3. Higher Education and Labor Market – Local experiences and perspectives, Safet Gerxhaliu, Vice President of the Kosova Chamber of Commerce, Prishtine
  4. Master level programsDavid Baldinger, Bologna Service Point, Austria
  5. Developing Gender Sensitive Curricula - Dr. Marlen Bidwell-Steiner, Head of the Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna
  6. ECTS, Learning Outcomes and student workload - Ferdije Zhushi, Local ECTS expert  

The Master Studies Development Project (MSDP) supports interested faculties to create tailor-­made master programs, whose graduates are most needed at the local labour market. This pilot project should also challenge other Higher Education (HE) institutions in Kosovo to follow its example and introduce labour market relevant reforms and programs. Through the project the following four Master Programs are being introduced at the University of Prishtina:

  1. Master in Mechatronics - Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  2. Master in Health Management - Faculty of Medicine
  3. Master in International Law Faculty of Law
  4. Master in Civil and Property Law - Faculty of Law

MSDP belongs to the Project “Building Quality, Knowledge and Skills for Social and Economic Development”, for supporting the reforms of Higher Education in Kosova during 2008-2011, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation.