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From Biodiesel to Hydropower: Styria as good practice example for Kosovo in the field of sustainable energy production

Graz. The minister of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Kosovo came to Austria for a study visit in the area of innovative energy production and renewable energy resources. In the frame of this visit, Dr. Justina Pula-Shiroka and her staff had the opportunity to talk to representatives of the Styrian government as well as to debate with leading Austrian companies about energy security and innovative ways of energy production.

The Republic of Kosovo is a young nation and therefore has to deal with many problems and must address important issues. One of the big topics the Kosovarian administration faces is to ensure the energy security of its country. Consequently the Minister of Energy and Mining, Dr. Justina Pula-Shiroka, has undertaken a study visit to Austria to exchange experiences with political as well as economic stakeholders. During her visit to Graz from the 28th to the 30th September the minister had the opportunity to talk with representatives of the government of the province of Styria on topics of energy security, energy diversification and sustainable renewable energy resources. Besides of getting insights in Austrian best practice examples, the minister was able to gain valuable information about the national legal framework in Austria. The minister stressed the importance to adapt the own national legislation according to European standards as one important step for the Kosovo towards the European Union.

To change legislation is one thing - to implement it accordingly on the other hand is a completely different issue. In order to do so, appropriate technologies and know how must be available. Therefore the delegation from Kosovo had meetings with top leading enterprises in the field of energy production and environment technologies. One of them - the ECO World Styria - is am initiative of the province Styria to establish the region as leading location for renewable energy and environment technology. Representatives of this business cluster discussed with the minister and her staff different possibilities of future co-operations between Austrian enterprises and the Republic of Kosovo.

Yet another meeting was held later on at the technology park in Grambach with the highest representatives of the two Austrian enterprises VTU Group and BDI – BioDiesel. These leading firms in the field of energy production with the help of renewable resources like biomass welcomed the delegation from Kosovo very heartily. During an on-site visit the minister could get a clearer picture of the impressive technologies and high-end equipment these two companies are offering. The Kosovarian delegation got a lot of valuable input from all these meetings and is determined more than ever to further foster alternative energy resources such as renewable energy resources. All in all it has been a successful visit and a good opportunity to forge new links.

WUS Austria again wants to take the opportunity to thank all representatives of the mentioned organizations for their devoted time and their very interesting presentations. Besides we want to thank Austin Pock + Partners for their great help in organizing this visit.