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MSDP Contract Signing Ceremony

Prishtina. It is the pleasure of WUS Austria Prishtina office to announce that on Friday, May 29th, 2009 at the premises of the Rectorate of the University of Prishina the official contracting was made for the commencement of two new Master study programs in the Faculties of the University of Prishitna.

The contracts were signed with the following:

  • Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for the Program “ Master in Mechatrnics” and
  • Faculty of Medicine “Health Management”.

This agreement foresees development of new master programs according to the labor market requirements and in addition provides an opportunity for these institutions to develop their program in twinning cooperation with partner universities in Austria. Considering this the Master Program in Mechatronics, at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will be developed through a twinning cooperation with FH Joanneum of Graz, whereas the Master program in “Health Management” Faculty of Medicine will be developed in twinning with Medical University of Vienna.  Thus, through this twinning with Austrian Higher Education Institutions the University of Prishtina in this case the respective Faculties are offered an opportunity to exchange experiences and build up on the existing knowledge to best meet the labor market requirements.  

The contract signing ceremony was addressed by: Prof. Dr. Enver Hasani, Rector of UP, Austrian Ambassador in Prishtina His Excellency Walter Maria Stojan, Prof dr. , Doris Kiendl-Wendner, Vice- Rector, FH Joanneum, Prof. Marianne Winkler Medical University Vienna, Prof. dr.  Myzafere Limani, Dean of Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Prof. dr. Qazim Hyseni, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine,  Ms. Martina Handler,Project Manager , WUS Austria,Office in Graz and Mr. But Dedaj, Regional Manager WUS Austria, Office in Prishtina.

The Ceremony was attended by Deans, Vice Deans and Professors and students of the respective faculties but other faculties of the UP as well. The signing of the contracts marks the official start of the project implementation, whereas the programs are expected to start in the new academic year 2009/2010 in October.