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It is our utmost pleasure to inform you that our new TEMPUS project „From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development“, financed by the European Commission, has officially been commenced on October 9, 2007, when the Kick-off meeting of the Project Consortium Committee took place in Graz, Austria.

This two-year JEP project represents a follow-up of previous WUS Austria initiatives to strengthen quality assurance processes in BH higher education:

1) TEMPUS project „Strengthening Quality Assurance at Universities in B&H“ (JEP 19074 2004), implemented by SUS B&H in cooperation with WUS Austria

2) “Structural Development of Quality Assurance in Higher Education”
(OZA 8099-00/2006), implemented by WUS Austria, financed by the Liechtenstein Government and the Austrian Development Cooperation.

One of the most significant progresses achieved since the Bergen Conference was the establishment of QA Centers at each University, which was a direct outcome of above listed projects. Apart from institution building, both projects aimed at capacity building by training university QA coordinators and enabling them to implement QA processes at their institutions. This action has been formally recognized by the BH Bologna Follow Up Group and promoted in the last BH Stocktaking Report and at the Ministerial Conference in London (May 2007). Although much progress is still needed, the Bologna Process Stocktaking Report London 2007 showed that BH universities have made positive shifts with regard to quality assurance.

Realizing that QA issues will be one of the priorities in the next couple of years for both BH and EU universities, WUS Austria applied once more for a Tempus grant in December 2006, with a proposal to further develop quality assurance systems through the project “From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development” with the University of Graz, University of Girona and all 8 Universities in BH as project partners. 

Goals and Objectives
The overall aim of the project is to contribute to a coherent and far-reaching reform of higher education in B&H in accordance with the Bologna Process and with the society and market needs. For this objective to be achieved, universities in B&H need to develop modern, student-oriented strategies, which will pave the path towards the university's long-term goals. However, a “one-for-all” model does not exist. Therefore each university first needs to conduct a thorough analysis, i.e. assessment of its environment, operations, structure, and results so as to be able to customize and develop a progressive strategy in line with its needs and priorities.

1st Meeting of the Consortium Committee in Graz
The initial meeting of the Consortium Committee took place on October 9, 2007 in Graz. This meeting served as a valuable opportunity to discuss future project implementation, partner resposibilities and all technical details pertaining to the following project implementation.

Download section

Agenda for I Consortium Meeting [.pdf/219KB]
Presentation_ University of Banja Luka [.pdf/806KB]
Presentation_University of Bihać [.pdf/235KB]
Presentation_University Džemal Bijedić in Mostar [.pdf/2.22MB]
Presentation_University of East Sarajevo [.pdf/3.25KB]
Presentation_University of Mostar [.pdf/387KB]
Presentation_University of Sarajevo [.pdf/144KB]
Presentation_University of Zenica [.pdf/2.88MB]
Presentation_TEMPUS QASD_WUS Austria [.pdf/205KB]