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eLearning – eContent Program Seminar „eContent Production“

The seminar „eContent Production“ was held on October 19 and 20 at the University Center for the Development of eLearning in Tuzla. Participants of the seminar were BH and EU experts, eContent developers, professors and assistants whose courses are going to be transformed into eContent, other university representatives and guests. Altogether 30 persons participated in the seminar. For a look at the participant's list, please click here. The purpose of the seminar was for the eContent developers and the professors and assistants to meet at one place, to get familiar with the concepts of eLearning-eContent and the capacities of each eContent team / university. The second important segment of the seminar was Contract signing for the approved applications.

At the opening ceremony Džemo Tufekčić, Rector of the University of Tuzla addressed the audiance. After him Dino Mujkić, Regional Manager of WUS Austria welcomed all participants on behalf of WUS Austria. The opening ceremony was followed by presentations of university teams that were trained within the eContent Program during the previous months. They presented their idea of how they would transform a usual course into an eCourse. At the end of the first day Zoran Gajić, expert from B&H presented the Manual for Online Courses which he developed with other BH experts as a direct result of the trainings within the eContent Program and the presentations given during the trainings. The Manual was delivered to all participants of the seminar. The participants showed great interest in the Manual and expressed their satisfaction with it. Besides the Manual, the second Edition of the eLearning Recommendations was also handed out to all participants.

On day 2 the EU expert, Rupert Beinhauer from the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum in Graz gave an overview of the current situation in eContent Development at his University. In his second presentation he gave a conclusion of the conducted trainings „Train the eContent Developers“. He expressed his satisfaction with the progress the teams made from the first training until today.

All presentations held during the seminar can be downloaded below:

After the presentations, BH and EU experts and eContent developers were rewarded with certificates for the successfull completion of the trainings. At the end of the seminar there was a contract signing ceremony between WUS Austria, the eContent developers and 13 professors and assistants who were granted. The developers will be granted with 1,000.00 EUR for each developed course and the professors and assistants will receive funds in the amount of 500.00 EUR for a successfully completed course. Total value of all 13 signed projects amounts up to 19,500.00 EUR. The contract signing ceremony was covered by cantonal media (radio and TV station).