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It is our utmost pleasure to inform you that additional funds have been secured for Course Development Program +. After reviewing WUS Austria request for additional funds, the Austrian Development Cooperation confirmed its consent for reallocation of  18.730,16 EUR for the implementation of additional 4 courses received in the CDP+ II Call.

As a result, apart from already approved II Call courses (see below), the following courses have also been approved:

  1. Geographic Information Systems, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Sarajevo (without the courses: Intro Geophysics, Mineralogy II)
  2. Chemistry, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Sarajevo
  3. The Integrated Product Development, Technical Faculty, University of Bihać
  4. Business Data Networks and Communications, Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo

The above listed couses have been evaluated and presented at the CDP+ II Call Selection Panel, which took place on June 23rd 2006 at ACCESS. Due to limited funds, they have not been approved by the Selection Commitee, but they were put on a waiting list. With additional funds, WUS Austria is able to offer grants for these CDP+ courses.

Therefore, in the II round of CDP+ in 2005/ 2007, 9 applications (11 courses) have been approved in total. The total budget for CDP+ II Call now amounts to 81.471,08 EUR whereas the total budget for CDP+ implementation (both Calls) is now 235.930, 16 EUR.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank the donor – Austrian Development Cooperation and to congradulate all the CDP+ grantees and wish them successful project implementation!