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Visit by Austrian Minister of Education, QA Seminar in Bihać, Selection Panel for CDP+ II Call!!!

Dear Vistors, since the month of June had been an extremely busy period for WUS Austria Sarajevo Office, with an abundance of activities taking place simultaneously, we use the opportunity now to inform you all at once of the most importatnt events:


In the frame of the official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Austria, Mrs. Elisabeth Gehrer, visited the Faculty of Mechanical Enginnering in Sarajevo and ACCESS Center on June 15th 2006.

At the Faculty of Mechanical Enginnering, the Austrian delegation was welcomed by the dean - prof. Stepan Marić, current CDP+ applicant - prof. Malik Kulenović, prof. Omer Pašić, and numerous other professors and assistants. WUS Austria was also present at the Faculty to await the arrival of Austrian delegation represented by prof. Wolfgang Benedek, Mr. Dino Mujkić and Ms. Nina Lačević. The Austrain delegation was given a grand tour of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and shown all laboratories and equipment granted by Austrian government through WUS Austria projects.
Afterwards the Austrian Delegation visited the offices of WUS Austria and SUS BiH at ACCESS Center, which was reconstructed with the financial support of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ceremonially opened on November 23rd 2000.

In ACCESS, the delegation was greeted by the staff, beneficiries and friends of WUS Austria, SUS B&H and ACCESS Center. Presentations were held by WUS Austria Sarajevo Office  and SUS BiH. A round table about possibilities of future cooperation between WUS Austria, SUS BiH and Austrain Ministry of Education was organized after the presentations.

Additionally, Mrs. Gehrer and her Delegation visited the facilities of the Center for Human Rights, the Student's eFM radio and (National Information Point) NIP FP6 which are also located at the Campus of University of Sarajevo.