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Structural Development of Quality Assurance in Higher Education

With the formal joining of the Bologna Process, all member countries pledged to implement a range of fundamental structural reforms at the higher education level. In the Berlin and Bergen Communiqué, the European Ministers of Education clearly expressed their belief that “the quality of higher education has proven to be at the heart of the setting up of a European Higher Education (HE) Area.
The existing legal framework on the state level and lack of the financial means in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) are the reasons why BH does not have a quality assurance (QA) system in the Higher Education Area. Due to the fact that QA system can be established within the university institutions, WUS Austria initiated the project “Structural Development of Quality Assurance in HE” in cooperation with the Government of Liechtenstein and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). The aim of the project is to ensure the transfer of the know-how and expertise from EU experts to the BH Universities and to provide the BH universities with the guidelines for QA systems. Additionally, the project will assure wider impact of already exiting initiatives.