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Second eLearning Seminar - "eLearning Seminar

Second eLearning Seminar - "eLearning Seminar - Toward Effective Education and Training in the Information Society" has been organized as one of the activities within eLearning Program
University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Sestre Janic 6, 2006

WUS Austria organized second eLearning seminar in Kragujevac (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), December 1-2, 2006 (for the agenda of the seminar click here). Seminar was designed as information sharing and capacity building activity with stress on sharing experiences and training on the use of eLearning tools. Official opening speeches are given by representatives of University Kragujevac and Mr. Dusan Bugarski, WUS-Austria.
The seminar brought together 50 participants among which: university lecturers, teachers, and students, representatives of governing bodies, education institutes and institutions. Seminar was facilitative by the experts in the field of eLearning coming from different countries or their presence/messages were assured via videoconferencing systems.
On the first day, at the plenary sessions, experts have presented their experiences in organizing eLearning activities in the teaching process stressing the importance of blended learning approach. Three paralleled workshops followed the plenary sessions at each day of the seminar.
Some of the key areas of eLearning were covered: eLearning management, eLearning experiences, content development and use of eLearning tools. Active learning methods at the optional workshops and plenary sessions were chosen as main training techniques in order to better serve the needs of the heterogeneous group of participants.

WUS Austria has collected anonymous evaluation forms (for the outcome of the participants evaluations click here).