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Conference “Austrian Support to Higher Education in BiH”

Start date: 23.05.2011

End date: 23.05.2011

Place: 23 - 24 May 2011, in Sarajevo

WUS Austria Sarajevo office would like to invite you to take part in the Conference entitled “Austrian Support to Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ which will take place on 23 - 24 May 2011 at the UNITIC Business Centre in Sarajevo. 


The organisation of the Conference is foreseen within WUS Austria's programme „Austrian Support to Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008 - 2011“, financed by Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), as one of the final activities within this three-and-a-half year intervention.



Appreciating the immense ADC assistance and recognising its effects in BiH higher education, WUS Austria is organising the Conference with the intention of promoting ADC's long-standing and generous support.

Accordingly, the first part of the Conference, entitled „15+ Years of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) Support“, will be dedicated to apprising the numerous outcomes and effects of the successful trilateral collaboration between ADC, WUS Austria and public universities in BiH. The second part of the Conference will be a seminar “Conditions and Standards for Developing and Delivering Doctoral Programmes” aimed at familiarising the BiH academic community with various “PhD models” from around the world.  

Over the course of almost 20 years, many academic members have remained „faithful“ to WUS Austria-ADC projects, as a result of which BiH higher education today can boast of many good practice examples.

Additionally, the issue of designing, managing and delivering doctoral education has been recognised as one of vital importance for higher education throughout Europe, as well as for BiH higher education.


For more information on the Conference and the „Austrian Support to Higher Education in BiH 2008 - 2011“ programme, please see the Conference Agenda.


WUS Austria would kindly ask all interested participants to fill out the registration form and submit it to WUS Austria Sarajevo Office by Friday, 13 May 2011 to the following email address: or via fax: 033/ 258 792.  


We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Conference!


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