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Seminar: "Promotion of Doctoral Studies" 11-12 March 2010, Mostar, BiH

Start date: 11.03.2010

End date: 11.03.2010

Place: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


WUS Austria Sarajevo office would like to invite you to take part in the second DDS seminar – Promotion of Doctoral Studies which will take place on 11 - 12 March 2010 in Hotel Ero in Mostar.

The seminar is being implemented within WUS Austria project – Degree Development Structure (DDS), financed by Austrian Development Cooperation. (More detailed information on the project can be viewed on


The seminar aims at emphasizing and discussing the importance of the third cycle studies and quality assurance in new-style doctoral studies, since the high quality doctoral education is a key to strengthening research capacity and competitiveness of each country.


WUS Austria considers that there is a great need for more intensive promotion of the doctoral education among BiH academic community, having in mind that:

  1. the main aim of development of the third cycle education in line with the Bologna principles is the building of a knowledge/innovation-driven economy based on the need for a knowledge-based society in the broadest sense,
  2. the doctoral education has been part of the Bologna process from the 2003 Berlin Communiqué and it has been considered as an increasing priority ever since,
  3. BiH higher education institutions are still highly lagging behind their European counterparts when it comes to the development of the third cycle education, etc.


Seminar topics:

  • Introduction to the Latest Trends in the Third Cycle Studies in Europe
  • Case Studies: Doctoral Education at Universities in Europe (Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Spain)
  • Quality Assurance in Doctoral Studies
  • Linking of Higher Education and Economy - Related to the Third Cycle


Seminar duration:

 Thursday, 11.03.2010.

 Friday, 12.03.2010.

 10.00a.m. – 4.15 p.m.

 9.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.


WUS Austria would kindly ask all interested participants to submit the application form to WUS Austria Sarajevo Office by Monday, 05 March 2009 to the following email address: or via fax: 033/ 258 792.